504 gateway error on events stream! Help please!

We are getting a 504 bad gateway error when trying to open the events stream. Every other GET requests appears to be working.

Several customers on different networks are reporting the same thing.

During my testing using the console, sometimes it will work, while most of the time I get the 504 errors shown below

@Moors7 or @Dave can you please check the health of the webjobs?


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I’ve hit the product event stream endpoint a few times, and I eventually hit a 504 error, I’m guessing one of the boxes is sick, looking into it.


Is it possible to take the “sick” box offline until it is better? I would rather have slower responses than errors.

Hi All,

Apologies for not posting the resolution here, I restarted some instances of the events handling api services that were timing out yesterday at 2pm, and that resolved the issue, and the team is investigating the cause.

Thanks for the ping!