Photon on DeviceOS 2.0.0 event loop errors

Just starting to upgrade all our devices to OS v2.0.0 (excited to finally roll out) beginning with all the Beta testers. In our logging, we are seeing many event loop and cloud handling errors like this:

[comm.protocol] ERROR: Event loop error 1
[comm.protocol] ERROR: Handshake: could not receive HELLO response 10
[comm.protocol.handshake] ERROR: Handshake failed: 25
[comm.protocol.handshake] ERROR: Handshake failed: 26
[system] WARN: Handling cloud error: 2
[system] WARN: Handling cloud error: 3

It doesn’t seem to be affecting performance, but it happens throughout the day (roughly 60 times per day per device), with the majority being Event loop error 1 (which is a PING_TIMEOUT according to here).
Never seen this before (coming from version 1.5.0) so could this just be verbose logging, or something to fix?

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Hi @dan.s - it looks like a timeout issue to me, but it’s worth digging in a little deeper. Can you provide more logs with context both before and after this point? (Might be better to take this in a support ticket.)

Hi @marekparticle thanks for the advice, I will LOG_LEVEL_ALL instead of LOG_LEVEL_ERROR for logging on one of the devices and come back to you tomorrow!

@dan.s FYI Comm.protocol Event Loop error 24

Thanks @UMD - so the conclusion is these are errors due to “sub optimal connection to the cloud”. Which, for us at least, seems to be most cases!

However, because our products have offline capability, for better or worse, I have downgraded these errors to warnings internally.