$5 WiFi dev board running Linux. Hub for Photon?

This new dev board on Kickstarter looks interesting. Price comparable to ESP boards, but runs Linux! It is supposed to be Arduino-Campatible as well, but what they have is actually another board with its own ATMega chip. It might make a good hub for the Photon. Curious to see what you guys think.

Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onion/omega2-5-iot-computer-with-wi-fi-powered-by-linux

@wgbartley had a (sobering) run-into with the predecessor - maybe he can chime in.
No idea if this one would do a lot better.

what happened?

AFAIK the performance was very poor, but he might be able to elaborate more.

I backed one of these things to play around with it. Should be fairly simple to get the CLI or some Particle-JS working on it.

Still not sure what I’m going to use it for but I’m excited to play with it.

I think it would be good for video streaming or audio applications. It would be easy to set up some kind of sensor with the photon that triggers the Omega to take a picture or play music.

EDIT: It seems to support Airplay. https://wiki.onion.io/Projects/How-To-Stream-music-Using-Airplay/1.Installing-ShairportSync

A music player would be really cool. Not sure it’s quite powerful enough to stream video but, if so, all the better!

My Onion experience may just be unique to me and it’s mostly personal opinion. The new version may be better. In my experience, it was too slow with too little storage space for scripts (~2MB?). Also, the very first time I turned it on with the power switch, the nub on the switch just snapped off. Fortunately, it snapped in the ON position.

16 mb for the old… 32mb for this one i think?

interesting campaign. I wondering if there is a low power mode on this thing. A Linux machine with WiFi will probably consume quite a bit power.