433Mhz Library [COMPLETED]

Is anyone working on porting a 433Mhz library such as VirtualWire?


taylormade​201, I’ve thought about it but not yet gotten around to it. Is there a specific library you want ported? Perhaps you could include a link? :smile:

Perhaps something like RadioHead?


taylormade​201, to simplify things a bit, can you tell me which 433MHz module you expect to use?

I can definitely recommend the TI CC1101 based modules. A library for this can be found on the panStamp website.

I have 433 Mhz transmitter and receiver modules (note: not transceiver) that I got from SparkFun a few years ago. I have the older versions. I know they went out of stock for quite a long time while they switched manufacturers or something, so the modules I have may be different from what they’re selling now. I imagine they operate the same, though.

Most of the 433/315 Mhz modules are pretty generic such as the ones wgbartley mentioned.

Another good library to look at which may be even more applicable is the Manchester library.
I believe it is a bit more flexible when the transmitter and receiver are running at different clocks, which is likely to be the case when using the core with something else like an Arduino.

Let me know if there are any ways I can help!

I think I can port the Manchester library using the IntervalTimer library I created. I’m on it.


@taylormade​201, I have been working on porting the library and got stuck on some compile errors with my IntervalTimer library. I think we have that fixed now so I will finish the port and post it on my github for you when done. :smile:

Thanks @peekay123, this will be a great library to have!

@taylormade​201, I have the Manchester library completed and posted on my github. One thing I am not certain about is the timer interval as the documentation was not very clear. Hopefully, what I understood and how I coded the timer interval is correct. Let me know how it goes! :smile:

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Great! I will try and test it tomorrow or Friday.

Tested the library today, works great.
Thanks @peekay123


@taylormade201, my pleasure. Since it’s working, I will post it as a library when that feature comes out soon :smile:



I am wondering, can I use this library to sniff the code from a transmitter? I have a couple of remote 433, which I would like to use to interact with the spark.
Can I use it to display the raw message and tweak it accordingly with the lenght and the time interval?
Thank you

@d82k, I don’t see why not. You can use the receive examples as your foundation and go from there. :smile:

Thank you @peekay123, I have tried modifying ManchesterRX_Basic.ino from the examples, but I don’t understand: how do I set the length in bit of the message and the frequency?
Is the message^“m” than printed as an int?
Thank you,

@d82k, I did not write the library, I only ported it from an Arduino library. You will need to read the descriptions in both Manchester.cpp and Manchester.h to get an idea of the timing for the receiver. You can set a baud rate (MAN_1200) which is set when you call man.setupReceive(RX_PIN, MAN_1200); in the test code. The bit timing for the receiver is entirely dependent on the baud rate which sets the frequency of the receiver interrupt service routine.

Hope that helps! :smile:

Hi! Any plans on uploading your port now that the library feature is available??? Thanks for your work!

Yup, just need to prep it. Thanks for reminding me :slight_smile: