What RF Transceiver will work with spark?


I am looking for a RF Transceiver module that is known to work with the spark.

If you know of any can you provide links to where I can buy it.

I tried looking for a few in dx.com but I was worried I might have problems with it if its not compatible with the spark.


@shad, when you say RF, which frequencies were you considering using? There are 433Mhz modules, zigbee modules, nrF24L01 modules and more! Can you elaborate on your application a bit? :smile:

I really dont know but I want to experiment with 433Mhz.

I would love to see what I can pickup.

@shad, I recently got a library up and running for another member using 433Mhz radios:

Take a look to see if that’s suitable :smile:


Hi Shad
You could try the GeTech modules, they can be had for around $8 for a pair on ebay or the manu’s site

If range is not an issue the cheaper modules may work if you use the right library. Regardless of the firmware the module I have recommended is the best that I have tried yet as regards range and reliability and at a reasonable price. One nice touch is that the receiver pcb has a faraday cage over the ics, making for far less interference, which can become an issue with the spark.

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Hi Shad
Only buy from dx.com if you dont mind waiting up to 6 months for shipping. Shipping can literally be shipping with them. They do not always use air mail.Try banggood.com, they are really good and reliable, prices often lower than dx.com but go to ebay if buying quantities.

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Hi peekay
Shad needs radios! I got some very impressive ones today and they are the best that I have tested with the spark. I have replied to Shad with a link. I am sure your libraries will however be immensely useful to him when he gets the hardware.

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Just found the link I bought from on ebay:

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What exactly do you want to do with it? I am looking at Peekay’s point, there are different radio protocols etc. It seems that neither of us can give you a proposed solution without the answer to that question.
What I have recommended should however work with most digital setups powered at as near to 5v as possible. You should ideally design your circuit to level shift this to 3.3 v for the core from the receiver (or use 5 v tolerant pins at your risk) and do not really have to worry about level shifting for the transmitter as it is TTL.

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Thanks for giving me all this extra information bevangg.

I am just a newb so I just want to figure out what is possible.

I think i am going to go ahead and buy using your link for the Geeetech Transmitter and Receiver.

Ill let you know how it goes :slight_smile: