3D models with exact dimensions

Are there any available or planned? Perhaps somebody could generate ones from Eagle files?
I was trying to use http://eagleup.wordpress.com/ to generate it, but I have no some 3d models for components and other components were exported about 100x times bigger than expected.

P.S. Many thanks to original and very clever comments by dominikkv & dermotos who surely intend to make forum flood/offtopic free

Unfortunately I can’t upload an image here (error occurs…) so you can get the exact 3D model from here. Hope it helps :wink:

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Just checked that out on my 3DTV dominikkv, it’s like I was holding it in my hand :smile:

PS: Relax @ryotsuke, I’ve found everyone on this forum to be friendly and helpful, including @dominikkv, who’s input on this forum has been very helpful to me and others. It wasn’t off-topic or flooding, it was just a little humour.

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Hey @ryotsuke, I think a forum should be a place with a friendly atmosphere where people help each other. As you can see I think I helped many other guys, but unfortunately I can’t provide a real 3D model for you. So I thought it would be funny to draw a handmade 3D image for you. Since not everybody has the same understanding of humor, I apologize if I upset you.

But as you can see, @dermotos answered with another joke, people are talking about this, the thread becomes more popular and maybe (I hope so!) there will be someone who can create a real 3D model. So let us cool down the air with our new Indoor Air Quality Monitor, let the RC car take a beer from our twitter-fridge brewed with the new sensor station for fermenting beer. Cheers!

I’ve managed to create this model http://screenshots.ryotsuke.ru/scr_f9323e04f6ac.png http://screenshots.ryotsuke.ru/scr_c17a5631657f.png but this heavily lacks 3d models for components

Missing packages:

Those are great pictures of a 3D model. Is there any way you could post the original source file or a 3d format? Perhaps on github or maybe just place it as an STL on thingiverse?

One of the Spark guys are working on a Sketchup model. Check @BDub’s Fritzing thread.

If the Spark guy doesn’t have time I’ll make one up using @BDub’s SVG as a texture. I can provide a version for Altium, Kicad and DipTrace. :smiley:

SparkCore01.skp - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5CB6lYHiJRxNWFMdGRMQ1JoRVE/edit?usp=sharing

Sketchup model with many components missing

FYI, my SVG texture was created by tracing the Assembly Top view of the PCB… it’s by no means “exact dimensions” but the pins should definitely be on a 0.1" grid. Best bet might be to get the X,Y dimensions of the pcb outline, and go from there, adding components per their x,y data as well.

I’ve experimented a bit and has done this one. I still have no models of all required componets, so I took ones having same amount of pins or least looking alike (I couldn’t find anything even close to CC3000 and 48 pins chip)
This model can’t be treated as exact copy, but can be a starting point of making exact-dimensions one.

SparkCore04.skp - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5CB6lYHiJRxbV9iSmNBSzZ3Z0U/edit?usp=sharing

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Is the pin spacing and board size exact? If so that would be good enough for a DipTrace/Kicad/Altium model! For EDA software I just need the right pin spacing, the components themselves don’t need to be exact. :dragon:

This is direct convertation from original github hardware design files, so board and pins proportions are exact.
To get DipTrace files it is better to use original github as well, not Sketchup model
But no DipTrace 3d models are auto-attached, so you’ll only get board in 3d view.

So far as DipTrace is concerned this is just a DIP part. I’ll use your Sketchup model to make a DipTrace compatible WRML file so it’ll show up in the 3D view. I’m working on it now, in fact!

I had some trouble exporting your Sketchup model as a COLLADA (DAE) with the textures embedded. It’s dumping them in a separate set of files. So I wasn’t able to get a textured WRL file yet. I didn’t spend much time working on it, but I did get a Spark Core DipTrace pattern made (obviously without the 3D file yet). I’ll post that in a separate thread.

Just wondering if anyone has updated the Sketch Up model or is the link above the current best version? @timb @ryotsuke I have something I need to model up :wink:

04 is my final version, I do not plan to modify it further due lack of required models