Has anyone made a list of Particle products available as 3D models?

I find myself constantly looking for 3D models of components that I can use to more accurately design things the first time around. It would be ideal if Particle happens to generate 3D models during the creation of various products, and would then share those models. But perhaps they don’t, so has anyone made a list of available models of Particle products?

I’ve looked high and low for a model of the Power Shield. Can’t find one so I’m just using a primitive block of the right dimensions at the moment.

Like these?

But I don’t think there are any of the shields (yet)

@jvanier, any way to get the eagle files 3D rendered?
I think @wgbartley had his shield done that way.

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If you make a model of the power shield please share it on the repository @scruffr mentioned!

I haven’t done a 3D render of a PCB. Cab Can anyone else chime in on this topic?

I will indeed share anything I model to the repo, but the chance of making anything really nice in the immediate future is slim.

There’s a beautiful model of the Photon on Autodesk’s Fusion 360 gallery. I’ll double-check the license and export it to a few formats for the repo.

Hi -

I noticed this topic is somewhat dated, but just in case anyone is still looking for an answer on the Eagle PCB render, here is my experience with this topic;

At first it seems quite straight forward, design the PCB in Eagle, click on Export to Fusion360 and that seems to do the trick. The catch is that if you used components from libraries you imported, the quality of the render depends fully on whether or not your component libraries include 3D models.

If not, Fusion360 will simply render a “flat box shape” the size and shape of the footprint. I usually render the PCB only (with signals) in Fusion and then revert back to sites like Grabcad for properly rendered components. I have attached two examples, a straight forward Eagle to Fusion render and then one I did including renders sourced from Grabcad and ‘assembled’ in Rhino.

Directly exported form Eagle to Fusion360 (no further rendering applied)

PCB rendered to Fusion360 then imported all components individually from Grabcad and assembled in Rhino.

This is by no means law, simply my experience with this topic. Best of luck !

– Friedl

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