3D CAD Models of the Power Shield?

Hello there Particle Community!

Does anyone have a 3D CAD model of the Photon Power Shield? I’ve tried several searches both online and here, and turned up nothing. I don’t need an exact model with PCD components, just something that is the right physical dimensions for mechanical housing design, etc.

Thank you in advance!


All our hardware libraries (2D & 3D) are here. You should, with a bit of work, grab the Eagle CAD file for the Power Shield, extrude it the thickness of a standard PCB and have what you are looking for. Give that a try (we also appreciate pull requests) and let me know if you run into trouble.

I created a really rough version in CAD (Autodesk Inventor) and then abandoned it. You can see the part here: https://autode.sk/2RZMHjn

I can’t remember how dimensionally accurate it is, but happy to send anyone the IPT file if you need it.