Spark module 3D model, STEP?

Is there a mechanical 3D model (STEP file preferred) of the Spark Module? searching through github or the forum I did not see that was available.
I would like to fit it into a tight design and it would be ideal to model it for the mechanical enclosure.

(still looking for my cores to show up!)

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Have you seen this thread
Mayby @ryotsuke has made some progress since his last post. The pics there looked promoising.

thanks, i did not see that thread before, and it does not look like they have a model on that thread yet. thanks for the link though!
hopefully I can find something to drop in to my Altium design.

No, I gave up. Iā€™m not expert in PCB 3d modelling. That screenshots were most complete image I could get
Spark team did not help too.