DipTrace Pattern + Component + 3D Model

Thought some of you guys might want my Spark Core Pattern, Component and 3D Model for DipTrace.

I’m currently working on the 3D Model and Component items, but the PCB Layout Pattern is ready. Just grab timb.lib and you’re good to go. (I keep all my custom stuff in a single library file.)


Hi Tim,

Looks like only the pattern is available (no 3D model / component). Am I doing something wrong?


I need to update the repo! Give me a few minutes. =D

Okay, the modified Pattern and 3D Model are up. Looks like I never did the Pattern or lost it… I’ll re-do it when I get a chance later tonight.


Any update on this? It seems the component and pattern are not in the library. This would save a ton of time :smile:

Also, awesome work on the battery shield! When can we expect these to be available?