2 zone mesh network connected via wifi?

I hope I can get this question across, I’m not sure how to make and include a nice diagram…

I’m wondering if there is (or will be) a way to make a mesh network with 2 zones, that are separated by some distance, but are joined up by having 2 Argons that are on the same wifi network.

Say I have 4 xenons, with an Argon gateway at one end of a large building - too large (long) to cover with a mesh - and then 4 more with another Argon at the other end of the building. With the Argons both on a common wifi LAN with internet access. Sort of treating the wifi as if it was a longer range mesh connection. Is there a way to have this sort of architecture act as a single mesh? So that the xenons at one end could communicate with each other as if they were meshed together?

I haven’t heard of this type of functionality, but I have a use case where it would be extremely useful.


Not sure about Meshing it, but you can still use the existing Particle publish/subscribes. Does that help?

Or use UDP messages between Argons.

@jimbol, to my knowledge, the Mesh edge devices do not support “bridge” mode as you require. So any Argon-to-Argon communications will be Cloud-based, as mentioned by @Moors7, or out-of-band (non-Mesh and non-Cloud) UDP or TCP communications.

Thanks for the replies, from what I can tell perhaps some UDP & mesh will do what I want - basically the use case is in a connected shipboard environment, but with a slow and somewhat unreliable internet connection via Satellite. A change of course can cause the internet to drop for anywhere between moments and hours. I’d like to set up an environment where local notification can occur between two distant zones, regardless of whether we are currently connected to the cloud or not. Any necessary cloud communications would get cued until there is a confirmed cloud connect.
The only reason not to do a full mesh installation is that the ship structure, made of steel, is a horrible RF environment, and I expect would take a large number of mesh units to do the job, and there is already a good wifi plus Ethernet network onboard.

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