Zeven Development for I/O?

I’m curious to know if anyone has used hardware from Zeven Development for I/O. It appears they have an Arduino library for reading/controlling devices and it would appear on the surface there may be some benefit to their offerings for certain applications. However, I can find no reference to the offerings on this forum. I’m hoping their library would be a rather simple port to Particle.

Hey @ctmorrison, I’m not familiar with the platform, but I can provide import on the library. Can you share a link to the Arduino library? I can take a look at the source and see if there are any blockers to porting to Particle.

@bsatrom, I don’t yet know if I’d even use the product, but it caught my eye. Here’s a link to their page about the IOExpander offering and about halfway down the page is a link to a zip file that holds the library. I downloaded it, but haven’t yet tried to compile a simple program with it. At this point in time, I’m really curious if others think this platform would be a nice complement to the Particle platform for I/O.


Thanks @ctmorrison, I’ll take a look!