Xenon stuck at blinking green

Hey Guys!
Beginner here.

I have hacked an RC car and am trying to control it using an Argon and Xenon board.
The Xenon board is breathing cyan and I am able to flash codes perfectly when the wires from the RC car are not connected to the Xenon.
However, when I connect the wires from the RC-car to the Xenon(via a Breadboard - terminals GND, A0…A4), the Xenon is stuck on blinking green(tried waiting more than 15min, but continues to blink green). Any help?

For more details, I am trying to implement this project : https://makezine.com/projects/diy-swarmbots/

Welcome - post photo of how it is wired up so we can rule out hardware issues. Also what things are connected to the xenon?

Here is a picture:

Things connected to the Xenon:
3.7V LiPo for power
5 jumper wires connected at GND, A0,A1…A3.

Thank you for helping out! I appreciaite it! Please let me know if you need any more information!

Have you measured what voltage is present on the RC wires when not connected? xenon is 3v max and this may have bearing to the problem?

Have you tried to reset the Xenon? That usually gets mine to reconnect to the network.

Maybe post the code you have so far and lets see how we can help?