Xenon LiPo reverse polarity

I was too excited to use my new Xenon with LiPo battery. Unfortunately I missed the warnings about non particle LiPo battery polarity and I plugged the battery to the board.

After some time ~10-15 seconds I realised that board is not powered on and hot enough to touch. I quickly remove the battery and use usb power instead.

No visible loss so far and board was powered on.

So my concern is how much I damaged the board?

Also when I powered it from usb and connect the battery again (with correct polarity) the was once the CHG LED was lit. And it lit randomly (I say) as I have no clue about what logic it runs to turn on the yellow CHG LED.


I would say just chalk this one up to experience and obtain another device for development. It is good to have extras. You can keep using the “tasered” board but should not rely on results from it, now or in the future. If you get questionable results from this board, to be fair, you will need to run the same experiment on a “good” board to confirm and then report to forum for help or file a support ticket (for a device OTHER than Xenon).

Typically, the CHG LED will come on at some threshold, let’s say below 4.0 volts. If you leave the usb cable attached and powered long enough the LED will turn off. Battery was fully charged. While charging (LED on), if you unplug the usb cable from the device and then plug it back in - the LED will stay off if voltage is above my imaginary threshold of 4.0 volts. If you are seeing the LED turn on and off randomly while USB is plugged in - something may well be wrong.

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