Is LDO needed with Xenon and Solar Charger?

I’m new to electronics and projects in general, but I’m trying to determine the power supply for an outdoor monitoring project. And, I’m trying to avoid a “release the magic smoke” class of mistake as discussed in this thread below:

Here’s my proposed setup:
3.5 Watt 6-Volt panel powering a Solar LiPoly charger (with LiPo battery attached) and connected to a Xenon on the LOAD output.

On the detailed write-up for the charger, this warning shows:

So, if I have a 6-volt DC solar, my concern is that I may need an LDO.

The max ratings for the Xenon are in the datasheet.

But per this thread, the max load may be less (4.9?). Hence my concern. Any thoughts on whether I should use an LDO? If so, can anyone point to a cheap LDO?

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