USB power adapter (2 to 1)

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Does such a device exist?:

I want to power my Photon by a battery which will be powered by a solar panel. But the solar panel isn’t able to power the battery in every condition (f.e one week little sunlight). So the adapter should take the solar power to charge the battery but when the battery is going to die it should take the power of the grid to charge the battery. (2 entries (grid and solar panel), 1 exit (for battery)

Try this

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But is there a version with USB plug output?

@electronweather, to get USB voltage out of the board suggested by @shanevanj, you would need to connect the LOAD output (LiPo voltage) to the input of a boost regulator like this one:

This will provide you with a standard USB 5V output.

There is also this board on Aliexpress but I can’t vouch for the MPPT capability of the charger chip used.