XENON / ARGON - Neopixel.cpp error


I am using a lot of Neopixels in my projects.
After receiving my ARGONS and XENONS I wanted to put some LED’s on and light the place up, but god this error.

#error "*** PLATFORM_ID not supported by this library. PLATFORM should be Core, Photon, P1, Electron or RedBear Duo ***"

I Know that it must be because the lib is referenced to the device_ID, and not supporting the new MESH devices,
then my question is, is there a way around this? or will the lib be updated? :slight_smile:

Particle Argon and Neopixels

You can file an issue on the author’s github repo if listed in the IDE. Otherwise, you’ll have to copy the library contents and add the functionality yourself. If you patient, someone else will probably get to it. It’s a little early for all the porting to be completed by the respective authors.


There is an open pull request for the neopixel library to support mesh devices. As the neopixel library is just two files, you could just copy the fixed neopixel.cpp and neopixel.h files until the verified library is updated, as well.


I can confirm that this works on the Boron.

Now if I can only get WS2812FX to compile, I’d be very happy!



I can confirm this works with an Argon! Thank you!!!


The official library has been updated! No need to copy and paste from the pull request.


And FWIW WS2812FX also compiles and works with the new library.



Did it work directly with the Argon, or did you have to use a logic shifter? If yes, which one did you use, and any connection diagram for it?

Thanks in advance


It worked directly. I did not need a logic shifter. That being said, the pull request has been incorporated so you should be able to use the library directly now. :slight_smile:


ok cool… Thanks for the info :slight_smile: