Xcode 7 compiling problems

I have problems with the iOS SDK

When i try to rebuild the iOS example from the https://docs.particle.io/guide/how-to-build-a-product/mobile-app/#prerequisites-for-building-amp-deploying-mobile-apps, then i got this error message.

I build my Podfile with :

"pod "Spark-SDK"

My bridging header file in my Particle Folder:

#ifndef Bridging_Header_h
#define Bridging_Header_h

import "Spark-SDK.h"

#endif /* Bridging_Header_h */

I also tried the example app, but it didn’t compile.
I use Xcode 7

That’s because you added the Cloud SDK (Spark-SDK) library but you’re trying to use Device setup library calls (SparkSetup). Be sure to add SparkSetup to your podfile and configure the required bridging header for this library as well (if you need device setup functionality in your app).