IOS SDK Setup Problem


I am following to setup the IOS SDK but ran into issue. After doing “pod install”, I don’t see .xcworkspace.

Setting up CocoaPods master repo

CocoaPods 1.1.0.beta.2 is available.
To update use: `sudo gem install cocoapods --pre`
[!] This is a test version we'd love you to try.

For more information, see and the CHANGELOG for this version at

Setup completed
Analyzing dependencies
[!] The dependency `SparkSetup` is not used in any concrete target.

My Podfile only have pod "SparkSetup".

Is the updated guide to follow or should I try Bendrix guide : Mobile SDK Install - Detailed help for Cocoapods install ? Thanks for the help. :smile:

Just figure it out and got the IOS SDK setup, it seem like the doc guide is outdated. Bendrix guide work better with additional update to the ruby version, got xcode to work with particle sdk. Hope its smooth sailing from here. lol

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