Trouble with "Building your own mobile app"

How do I open .xcworkspace file? I’m trying to follow the following line:
“Go back to XCode, close the project and open the newly created .xcworkspace file - your project will now contain the Particle iOS SDKs ready to use.”

I started here:
In Particle docs > GUIDE > "Starting from scratch"
After creating new Xcode project IB_SDK_TEST_1, I used BASH terminal to enter same folder that contains the new IB_SDK_TEST_1.xcodeproj
then created Podfile then added the line: pod "SparkSetup"
and then did:
“pod install”

Output was:
DOUG-BELLs-MacBook-Pro-2013:IB_SDK_TEST_1 douglaskbell$ pod install
Analyzing dependencies
[!] The dependency SparkSetup is not used in any concrete target.
DOUG-BELLs-MacBook-Pro-2013:IB_SDK_TEST_1 douglaskbell$ cd …
DOUG-BELLs-MacBook-Pro-2013:.Trash douglaskbell$ pwd
DOUG-BELLs-MacBook-Pro-2013:.Trash douglaskbell$ cd /Primary
DOUG-BELLs-MacBook-Pro-2013:Primary douglaskbell$ cd PROJECTS/DvineWave/_REFERENCE_2016/IB_SDK_TEST2/
DOUG-BELLs-MacBook-Pro-2013:IB_SDK_TEST2 douglaskbell$ ls
IB_SDK_TEST2 IB_SDK_TEST2.xcodeproj Podfile

Is this error msg bad?
[!] The dependency SparkSetup is not used in any concrete target.

Try modifying your podfile to have target spec like so:

source ''

target 'YourTargetNameHere' do
    pod 'SparkSetup' 
    pod 'Crashlytics'
   <... more pods ...>