WPS Support on Photon? (Wifi Protected Setup)

After a quick search, I’ve seen many asking about WPS, but I’ve not seen a definitive answer. Will there be support and when?


@Marc_K, I believe this feature is on the roadmap but not until at least v0.8.0 I suspect. @mdma would be able to elaborate.

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@peekay123 I am still interested in the WPS feature. Has any progress been made on this for Photons, P0’s, P1’s?

@Ltrebaol, no progress and not sure when it might get implemented.

This is a major gap in my mind. The soft AP is great but it is not fool proof. This hurts tha ability to deploy Photons or P0/1 in operational cases except to tech savvy consumers. This limits growth and frankly forces everyone to look at more user friendly deployment solutions. The easiest solution we have found for this recently is using the P1 UART lines to talk with a Verizon CAT M1 module. This is a stopgap since Particle does not have a battery operated cellular solution yet and this is a stepping stone to either moving away from particle or maybe hoping that they will implement a cost effective cellular IoT solution soon.

Can you, Particle, speak on this issue again? Any progress?

As it stands now, a consumer-focused IoT product would be fraught with support issues. We need a simpler way to configure the product. WPS might not be the best solution, but it would be a step in the right direction. What is Particle working on to make the consumer products more feasible?

A USB solution might be more successful. As it stands now we can create an application to connect with a Photon to do the configuration and I think it’s fair to assume that more users would have a PC than a smartphone. Also, those with PCs would find plugging in the USB cable more workable than the current process.

What I don’t know is how well supported the USB serial port on a photon is. If the user must install a driver, on any OS then it may not be a great option.

What about USB Custom HID? This is widely supported, no drivers necessary and easy to work with. Could you add secondary USB endpoints to the existing CDC for Custom HID? So that you have both the serial port if a driver is present and the Custom HID? Maybe not, if the user is bothered with a driver install…

I am sure many of us are ready to pounce with IoT products but are being held back my the user experience of configuration.

I was just visiting one of our major customers today that has been installing a large quantity of our devices in his customers homes. The first question out of his mouth was “do you have a WPS connection capability?” Even with the SoftAP, it is a bit cumbersome to deploy WiFi IoT devices at scale without this feature.

We can ping @will about this.

Hey @Ltrebaol – WPS has several known vulnerabilities that make in a non-ideal candidate for new IoT products:

We’re continuing to explore other ways to make configuration easier and more information-rich so that administrators and operators have an easier task when deploying IoT solutions at scale.

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Hi @will My understanding is that the WPS vulnerabilities are router side and not device side. The button is still there on just about every router so it would be nice to use it. In our case, we sell our devices to a service company that then installs it in people’s homes. Many of these people either do not know their WiFi password or simply don’t want to give it to the installer. We would love to see either something like WPS or affordable affordable battery powered cellular (CAT NB1 or M1 or both)

Are there any updates on adding WPS support?

With the SoftAP removed and no WPS it is difficult to get started on a P2 or Argon project deploy

WPS is not currently in the near-term roadmap for the P2 and Photon 2.

There will not be any feature development on the Argon, P1, or Photon 1.