Wpa2 crack/hack

I apologize if someone asked this already. Does anyone know if the core/photon is affected by the recent wpa2 crack?

If so is this a firmware update for the cc3k and p0?


And to be clear, while we’re getting the Cypress fixes out for the Photon, P0, and P1 as soon as possible, TI has long ago sunset the CC3000, so we don’t expect them to issue any fixes for it.

Luckily, we separately encrypt all communications between the Spark Core and the Particle Cloud, so even if someone uses the KRACK vulnerabilities to bypass the WPA encryption of your Core, they still just see encrypted garbage. :wink:


That’s great! Thanks again for everyone’s work. These are really awesome devices.

So speaking of the core should I be concerned about the local network traffic on my lan? Is this really a non issue, like who cares if someone sees my mqtt messages about room temperatures. I am trying to understand what was exploited, can someone use my old core to gain access to my network? Or we talking just spying on my super secret mqtt messages about temperature?

If I had to guess someone probably could see my local lan traffic, but how much is this a concern? Could such info be used to gain access to it?

Thanks Again!

Edit: not asking for guarantee or anything, just wonder what level of paranoia I should be at?? (quickly crafts tinfoil hat)