Would this new OpenScope be a good enough scope for Particle projects?

I have looked into getting an oscilloscope in the past but they were just too dang expensive for my limited use and the general recommendation on the new “smart scopes” is they aren’t fast enough to handle all of Particle’s capabilities. I am not well versed enough to read the specs on this to know if it is really different from the other low cost scopes out there. What do the more experienced scope owners/users think of this? To be clear I don’t need super advanced capabilities, just to be able to do the basics and learn more about electronics.

@LukeUSMC, if you plan on learning electronics and microprocessors, then I recommend investing in some basics. Besides books, this include a good logic analyzer and a simple scope. OpenScope seems to be covering both bases though it is not clear when they will have the protocol analysis ready. What is also not clear is whether scope probes will be included or even supported. Take note that the logic input stuff is only rated to 3.3v so no 5v arduino signals are supported! For $79 however, you can’t go very wrong IMO. After learning and playing, you can eventually invest in a more cable scope and logic analyzer. :wink:

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Oscilloscope which is the best in terms of price / performance is Rigol DS1054Z.
As regards to the logical analyzers they are necessary for the development of embedded systems can even be said that are used more than the oscilloscope. These are excellent https://www.saleae.com/
Maybe they are much more expensive but if you try something a bit more complicated when you need them then anyway.