Blantant but worthy promotion

I thought this kickstarter campaign for an affordable logic analyzer and oscilloscope should be promoted before it closes. It is a perfect tool for anyone developing Spark and other projects. I gladly backed it.

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It worked :smiley: just backed for $120!

Looks really nice, I hope they deliver! I’ll check them out after they are fully in production and get some reviews.

Only 63hrs left on the campaign!


Just plumped for the $119 award - looking forward to trying the protocol decoder. :wink:

I feel like I recognize that “open source hardware” image from somewhere…

(edit: link was broken)

Only 43hrs to go. Funding is at the point where:

  1. Sampling speed has been doubled to 400MHz
  2. Capture memory is now 4x bigger at 256Mbits
  3. A (plastic) case will be included for the logic analyzer main board

My pledge has gone up in value!

after waiting 24 hours to talk my self out of it I ended up pledging $119 :smile:

Only 25hrs to go!

It seems for FPGA developers, they will be putting all the unused FPGA pins to a header, following their open source commitment :smile: