Worldwide spark connection?

Is it possible to control my sparkcore from the otherside of the world? And is there ways to show me how or what to do?

If you have internet access, you could control it from the International Space Station as well.

This should get you started. Do you have anything particular in mind?


I would like to controll my Gate form the other side of the world.

Any tutorials on how to connect a camera module or something to the core and get images sent to me when there is movement in my house? Like mugshots or activity shots?

I love your specificity! “The other side of the world” :smiley:

In response to your question though, what you require involves image processing. While I’m sure it’s possible, it might be easier to use this guy:
It was a (very successful) kick starter campaign and they got funded (very funded!). Not shipping til March though, which probably means July, as most kick starter projects end up being delayed for one reason or another.

Their video is great and very informative.

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There’s no reason you couldn’t use an older version of the CMUcam to get image data through the Core and onto the net, though you won’t get real time streaming video or anything.

You could use the Core to control you gate, no problem. What if you paired it with a WiFi-enabled webcam? There’s tons to choose from. Then you could have the Spark Core serve up a little webpage that just embeds the video feed from the netcam in it. Put two buttons on there (open and close), boom, done!

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