Spark security camera?

Does anybody knows how to make this?? step by step?

Something similar:

You might need the following:

Camera -

Solar Panel -

Charging module for to charge a battery pack using solar and power the spark core

Or 2 in 1 package with Solar and battery to power your device:

You will the need help from the experts in the forum on how to send the images periodically from the core to your webpage :slight_smile:

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Basically you’ll need a UART Camera and either a PIR Motion Sensor or Ultrasonic Rangefinder to snap a picture when it detects motion.

Are you any good at writing Arduino sketches? You’ll need to pull all of these things together yourself (with help from the forums here if you need). Also, there’s no way you’re going to get streaming video or anything like other than 1 FPS (on a good day) out of a UART camera.

If you want streaming video, you’re better off with a Raspberry Pi + Camera Module + WiFi Dongle. You can get streaming video out of that and still hook a motion sensor up for notifications.

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I think I’m not bad in writing arduino sketches , I know Java and made a motion activated lights with my arduino and a few other stuff. I don’t want a streaming video just a pic sent when motion is detected.

Im looking at making something similar, i have an IP camera that i can access via a app on my phone, i plan on using the core to alert me to someone pushing the doorbell, and hopefully open the camera app. ill also get the core to send a command to my media player to bring up the camera on the tv, as a series of stills at 10fps.

This way i still get the alert but can see full video (and 2 way sound) without the core doing any hard picture or video processing.

If you want streaming video, you’re better off with a Raspberry Pi + Camera Module + WiFi Dongle. You can get streaming video out of that and still hook a motion sensor up for notifications.

You don’t even need a motion sensor for that. Since the raspberry pi runs linux, all of the software already exists, and people have already done streaming video and both picture and video capture upon motion detection. I’ve played with it, and it works. In fact, the biggest issue is neither software nor computer hardware-related – it’s mechanical. The raspberry pi camera is a 1" board at the end of flat flex cable. Figuring how to mount and protect it, while keeping it pointed in the right direction, can be a pain. A dremel tool is probably your best friend, here.

And, extending this to send smartphone/tablet notifications is pretty darn simple, too (just look in the directory where pics/vids are saved – if something new appears, send a notification).

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Hi, just a thought on mounting/protecting these projects.

I use to do A LOT of home brew trails cams. We always mounted this stuff up in Pelican cases of various sizes.
Works great, weatherproof, fairly cheap. here is a link so you can see what something like this looks like.


Holy shit, you just gave me a fsking brilliant idea on how to implement a camera with the Spark Core!!! I need to do some quick tests today, but we might be able to get full size high resolution images with the Core after all!!!1111one


What is your idea?? If you want to share! =D

@timb How about this Brilliant idea for hi rez camera + Spark Core?

Okay, so basically you’d get a really cheap digital camera and take it apart. Hook a transistor up between a digital pin on the Core and the shutter button on the camera, so the Core can use digitalWrite to snap a picture. You’d also tap into the SPI lines of the CS card. See where I’m going with this?

The Core could have a basic FATFS library and just read the picture data one block at a time as it uploads!

Pretty awesome, right? Want me to try it? :smiley:


@timb Hell ya I want you to try it.

So basically we use the spark core to pull and transmit images from a memory card to the web. Sounds good to me.

@choosatron ported an SDfat library some time ago and it works just fine. Would that help?

Folks have been doing this using Eye-Fi cards, which have their own WiFi cloud image mover. You don’t even have to take the camera apart–you can use a servo to push the button!

I would imagine your will have to figure out how to rework the slave select (sometimes called CS for chip select) line to share the data from the card. Sparkfun makes an SD card sniffer that would help if you don’t want to mod the camera. It comes in micro SD too.

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