Camera and mic for spark

i want to program my spark, that with a push of a button it will automatically connect to the network and it will activate the camera and mic that will produce live feed for both video and audio.

will it be possible?

There have been some topics concerning streaming of audio/video. Currently, I believe, the data transfer rate is not high enough to achieve this. If you’ve got a network camera, which you can acces remotely, you could activate it using your Spark. You could control both audio of video devices, but not stream them through the Spark.
Let’s ping @kennethlimcp @bko @BDub @wgbartley for some more clarification, they’re more up-to-date :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Edit: just type in ‘camera’ in the forum search to find an overview of topics concerning cameras.

I have one of these, and i use the spark as a doorbell which connects to pushingbox to grab a still image from the cam and send it to my phone. then i can connect and watch the live video and have 2 way audio. there is no interface between the camera and the spark but the system works well.

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probably better off with a raspberry pi camera module for that, although you’d probably also need a usb dac for recording audio

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As others have said, streaming video would be very challenging on a Spark core and other solutions would be much easier.

Streaming audio is possible but you would have to look at what quality level you could achieve. I think 8kHz audio could be done for a telephone quality audio signal, for instance.

You could also do something like a few small images per minute, but probably not a whole lot faster than that right now. Streaming Video / Audio would be a lot easier on a dedicated device like the Foscam, or with something like a pi + camera module. – Maybe future versions though! :slight_smile:


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