[Answered] Video and Audio streaming


Can anyone tell me if it is possible to stream video and audio from any of the Spark devices to an Android or iPhone device?

I am developing a small wifi robot that would be controlled by a smart phone but I need to know if any of the Spark devices have the capability to stream video and audio.


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This topic interests me too. From what I could gather so far it seems that you (and for that matter also I) will need to implement your own encoder. However, due to the limited speed of the core it might be best to avoid any encoding on the core and try to stream the data directly and then do the encoding/heavy operations on the server.
At least this is the approach I am going to take (audio only). Whether that will work or not…well, we will find out :smiley:

Would love to hear more opinions on video/audio streaming and how you guys implemented it.

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This poster ( http://community.spark.io/t/tcpclient-slowing-to-a-crawl/5853/13 ) has gotten audio streaming to work. I would be extremely surprised if the core could handle any kind of video streaming. You could do the math and calculate the max bitrate and thus the largest video you could put through it but I imagine it would be awefully tiny.

Streaming video usually requires something with a little more processing power (like perhaps an embedded linux setup) .

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Thanks for the link, Harrison! It is always interesting to see what others have accomplished, and especially how they did that.

I’m new to Spark, just ordered my Core :smile:
I’m looking for some information on stream audio from core to mobile app, I’ve searched the forum and google for similar projects but I haven’t found any tips about it. Did you implement any audio streaming to web from Core in the meantime? My intention is to create a baby monitor to send audio to an iOS/Android app.

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