Workbench Visual Studio Code, cannot find the

Installation OK but cannot find the
That what I am told to do when clicking on install a library: "Please open your ‘’ file.

Thank you for some help

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Have you already created a project to which you want to add the library?
If so, in the “root” directory of that project you should find the file.

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Hello @ScruffR, thank you, yes I did open a folder for the project.
But no on the project or any other places…

try this:

  1. run the Particle: Create Project (from VSCode’s main menu select View > Command Palette)
  2. follow the prompts, upon completion your empty project folder will be loaded

you should end up with a file structure like:

├── .vscode (wb's / vscode's configs)
│   ├── launch.json
│   └── settings.json
├── lib (installed libraries go here - created when you install your first lib)
│   ├── lib-name
│   │    ├── foo.cpp
│   │    └── ...
│   └── ...
├── src (source files go here)
│   ├── your-project.ino
│   └── ...
├── target (local build output - created when you run your first compilation task)
│   ├── your-project.bin
│   └── ...

be sure to spin through Feature Overview of Particle Workbench and if you need more help, you can run the Particle: Get Help command

You should try Ctrl+Shift+P image

Or maybe in your test folder you already have a project.

Thanks a lot for helping!
When I Create a new project I get this:

Then if I click on “open” this open my file explorer. I do not get any prompts to follow!!

So I created my “test” project as I usually do for any other software but obviously this open an empty folder.
What is supposed to create more stuff in it as the

Thanks again for helping guys, I appreciate.

Did you actually select a folder and hit Open folder?

When I do it I see this at the top of the VSC window

then enter the desired project name and hit Enter to get this

hit ok to get this bottom right

and when that is finished you’ll find a properly created project containing a file like this

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@ScruffR, @m_m, Oooh! OK… Of course, create a project is opening my explorer, then I select the folder and… had the question on top asking if I want to create it… I did not see the question on the top of the screen (it is gray on black, not too much visible on the “VSC dark thema”)…
Thank you again for helping all is alright… I think I need glasses… :smiley: