Workbench Update - Debug Config Migration

New Debugger Support in Particle Workbench!

As of the latest version of Workbench users will be required to update their launch.json configuration in their Particle projects. This update ensures support for the latest Particle hardware and adds support for Generic DAPLink Compatible Debuggers.

How do I update?

When opening your Particle project in the latest version of Workbench you will see a prompt to update your launch.json configuration file. By clicking “Update”, Workbench will run an automated migration - leaving any changes you may have made to this file intact.

What’s Changing?

Instead of multiple blocks of configuration for different generations of Particle devices, when viewing launch.json, users will see a new universal debugger configuration. This will simplify updates and adding future hardware variants.

I clicked cancel, what do I do?

Don’t worry! If you clicked cancel on the update prompt - simply restart Workbench and open your Particle project again. You’ll then be prompted to update your launch.json configuration again.

I’ve made changes to launch.json, what do I do?

We’ve taken care of ensuring that only the new configuration required is added to launch.json leaving existing changes untouched. Previous Particle debug configurations will be prefixed with “outdated”. If you have any changes you’re worried about we recommend always creating a backup prior to updating just in case!