Workbench - Update available OS to 1.4.4



How do I update the available OS under Target > Configure for device ?

Currently I am at 1.4.1-rc.1 and would like to use 1.4.4.



I normally click here on the OS version and it prompts you for which one you want. If not available it automatically downloads what it needs.


  • have you tried this ? (unless I misunderstand the question ?)


When you click on Configure for Target you should get something like this list shown?

Just click on the one you want.


The one I want is not showing



Is there an update pending image - click on the cog and then Check for Updates… in the menu.



have you done a particle update-cli from the command line recently ?


Thanks all After an dependency update and restart it is updated.

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for posterity, here’s how to update an extension:

check for extension updates