Workbench not showing deviceOS@5.6.0

Particle:Install Local Compiler Toolchain is not showing 5.6.0.

Can I pull the new version or is this something that hasn't been done yet?


Hi Will, this usually takes a day or so. I'll keep an eye on the Slack channel for a sign that the Workbench package is live.

Over keen to try out the Ethernet fixes!! Maybe tomorrow.

Setting "particle.firmwareVersion": "5.6.0" in settings.json seemed to work for me, now when I inspect my device it shows as being on 5.6.0.

   System module #1 - version 5600, main location, 1572864 bytes max size
   Integrity: PASS
   Address Range: PASS
   Platform: PASS
   Dependencies: PASS
     Bootloader module #0 - version 2400

Should be out by EOD

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I don't see how that would work.

If I tried that it would tell me that it was an unrecognised configuration for P2. The toolchain isn't available yet?

What is that in UTC?


Who knows maybe particle serial inspect is gaslighting me

image All good now

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