WKP or equivalent on the Mesh Products


In the Reference documentation under system.sleep there is the following statement

“Note: You can also wake the device “prematurely” by applying a rising edge signal to the WKP pin.”

On the Datasheet documentation there is no WKP pin. Am I to assume that we can now use any pin to Wake the device from deep sleep? Or is the WKP pin mapped to another pin now, or worse is now not implemented on the mesh product?



The nRF52840 features other sleep modes than the STM32F2 used for the Gen2 devices but AFAICT there are no specifically targeted sleep APIs that make full use of them yet.

Hence this

ScruffR is correct. The nRF52840 has a lot of sleep modes but the API hasn’t been exposed yet. Unlike the STM32, the nRF52 can wake on any pin, not just a specific pin like WKP, so not having WKP won’t be an issue.

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So does that mean that as it stands on the current firmware the nRF52840 has no sleep whatsoever?

(Sorry would try it out myself but my mesh stuff hasn’t arrived yet. Late to the party :wink:)

That is correct. Calling System.sleep() causes… slightly strange things to happen in 0.8.0-rc.25.


Is there an approximate timeline for when we can expect the ‘sleep’ function to be supported in mesh products?

I don’t have an exact schedule. Not right away, but almost certainly in the first quarter of 2019.