Wireless temperature sensor system using Bluetooth and a Particle Boron 2G/3G Kit.


I am currently undertaking a project which involves measuring the temperature of a solar panel in real-time where the user can view this data on a user interface like a website or an app (from the cloud).

The temperature sensor itself (either TMP36 or something like TMP117) must be wireless. So the idea is that the temperature sensors are connected to a Bluetooth microcontroller which sends this data wirelessly to a central microcontroller (I was thinking of the Particle Boron 2G/3G Kit since it can do Bluetooth and cellular). The central microcontroller (in close proximity to the solar array ~ 30m) then sends this data via cellular to the cloud, whereby we will create a user interface (like app or website) to display this temperature.

I don’t have a strong programming/electronics background and was wondering if this was possible? Is there was a better way to do this? Or are there better devices to use that core electronics sells?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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here I found some interesting conversation which maybe will work for you:

also here is something which is worth to check as is pretty cheap and you can flash your own code on it:
Mijia Bluetooth Temperature/Humidity Sensor with LCD Display : ID 4881 : $8.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Also not sure if you will be able to get range of 30m for BLE IMHO LoRa will be better option in this case.

you could use Long Range BLE (Coded Phy).

Or why not have the central microcontroller just next to the solar panel? No need for 2 micros, no need for BLE.