BLE Beacon Thermometers

Hi all.
Like (possibly) many I am preparing for the final nail in the coffin of mesh Xenons and looking to use them in a mixture of BLE for close devices and with LoRa for long distance. My request is, can anybody recommend a BLE thermometer that I could use to send packets to an Argon gateway?
I am new to BLE so if this is a silly question please be kind.

Hi Graham,
I never used one yet, but if I had to buy some, I would definitely use the ones mentioned on this article:

These ones:

Anyhow, you could still use the Xenons as BLE thermometers, just not using mesh, but just BLE.

Many thanks Gustavo. A bit pricey for my application but the information on the site is very useful. I have seen a few BLE thermostats on Amazon UK such as" Brifit Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, Bluetooth 5.0 Humidity Temperature Sensor" only £12 but not sure if uses propriety code.
Didn’t want to use Xenon as I need a long battery life.


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another pricey option?

or another one?

I wish they were cheaper though…

Somewhat expensive especially when postage to UK is added.

I am planning to get a BLE thermometer from Amazon and see if I can do anything with it. Will let you know how I get on (or not).



yes please, that'll be interesting.

Hi @Circuitman , since I already made a suggestion this morning related to YoSmart devices, I’m feeling a bit like a “pusher”, but am doing it only because I’ve had success. YoSmart (YoLink) makes a temperature/humidity sensor that’s LoRa that might be worth considering. I’ve used these and “integrated” them with Particle devices via IFTTT and wonder if that might be something worth considering for your application.

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Thanks for the info. Will definitely take a look.



I recently added a couple of more BLE beacons that have temperature capability to the library. The Laird BT510 (, and KKM Smart, which I tested with the K8 ( Note that for the Laird device, you should compile with DeviceOS 3.0 or higher.

Hola Mariano, were you able to get the open/close reading as well as the temperature in this sensor?

Hola Gus,
Yes! You can get check if the magnet is near (closed door) by calling magnetNear() on a LairdBt510 instance. It returns a boolean.

Calling the toJson() method gives you this:

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excellent! Gracias

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