Wired doorbell to push notifications

Awesome information. Thanks!

So I’ve been wanting to do this same thing, could you please share your firmware. I was going to go about the hardware a different way, I know where the transformer for my doorbell is, so I was going to take it out of the loop, use the existing doorbell button and wire and run that as an input on the core, then take an output put that into the coil of a ice cube relay then run the transformer through a normally open contact on the relay, that way I don’t have to mess around with the doorbells 12vac with the core, have two basically desperate circuits.

I’m still waiting on parts but sure. Once I figure it out I’ll share all of it.

I like your approach. I just have no idea where to look for the transformer in my house.

A good amount of the time they are in the garage, if not then buried in the attic.

Or on the breaker/fuse panel itself. Look for it on the side or bottom of the panel.

In older houses, inside the bell enclosure is possible too.

It is worth knowing where it is if the doorbell buttons ever fail in the on position since it will hum and overheat quite a bit. The transformers also fail sometimes and need to be replaced so they are not generally completely inaccessible.

Thanks @Tak5builder @bko

Can either of you share a pic of one? I have no idea what I’m looking for.

They look like this:

Transformers, doorbells in disguise!

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I’m pretty sure I found it. It’s down by the fuse panel, which is very far away from the doorbell signal wires.
I don’t think I can do anything there. Too bad. It was a much nicer idea.

Thanks for the tips guys.

@timb I don’t think Soundwave would have been half as cool if he was a doorbell. :slight_smile:

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I am planning to do a similar project. can you share your code?