[Windows 7] CLI opens but immediately closes

I just downloaded the CLI for windows from the webpage (https://docs.particle.io/tutorials/developer-tools/cli/). Everything seemed to install properly, but when I run it, the blank black interface opens for a couple seconds,


the window populates for a split second (took me a couple tries to get this screenshot), and the window closes itself.

Any idea why? Could be important to note my machine is running Windows 7

That is perfectly normal Windows behaviour.
Since the particle process finishes there is no reason to have the window hang around any longer.
When you run a Particle CLI task like particle subscribe you will see that the window stays open as the process won’t finish until you explicitly end it.

If you want it to “stay open” you need to open cmd or powershell and execute CLI therein. The hosting process (aka terminal) stays open even after CLI has finished running “inside”.

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