Will Gen 3 (Argon / Boron) for serial ever support anything beyond SERIAL_8N1?

With the current chip shortage on Photons, will Argon / Boron ever support other modes for stop bits, parity, etc.? Thank you.

It already does support 8E1 (odd parity and 7 or 9 bit data) but other options won’t be implemented since the nRF hardware doesn’t support it and for a SoftSerial implementation the necessary timing precision cannot be guaranteed.

The hardware would support 2 stopbits tho’ but the nRF SDK (at least up to 17.0.2) doesn’t provide a simple API to set it.
But you can read this ticket I once posted on their board
This also shows how you could do achive it the bare metal way.


Thanks @ScruffR, I missed the 8E1 in the documentation. I potentially need 7E1 and bare metal is beyond my current skill set - I appreciate the response.

@policenauts you could also use an I2c or SPI-to-UART bridge such as the SC16IS740 for which
@rickkas7 has a library.