Need more UART's

I have been using the Photon for a number of years now and recently moved up to the Argon. Now with the new EtherSIM, I am thinking about moving over to the Boron. Recently, I have a need for multiple UART ports, which is not available on the Photon, Argon or Boron. That leaves the Electron, but the issue there is it being a Gen 2 device to say nothing about the incompatibility with EtherSIM. My worry about the Electron is, how long will it live. I hesitate to start a project on a device with its EOL in sight, but I need multiple UARTS. I could add an external UART with an I2C interface, but that drives cost way up not to mention complexity.

Anyone have any ideas, advice or suggestions?

The nRF52 does not have any more hardware UARTs available, and doing it in software only is not recommended or reliable.

I recommend using the SC16IS7xx line of hardware UARTs. It can be used for both I2C and SPI and works reliably on Gen 3 devices with this library.

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