Argon works fine with serial, but Boron does not

Our code uses this SerialBuffer Library and works great on both Electron and Argon (With the only difference being the initial connection processes, wifi vs cellular) however it fails on the Boron. With the SerialBuffer functionality in the code, the boron seems to just have communication timeouts ad infinitum, although if I circumvent the (replacing all calls to serBuf(Serial1) with just Serial1), the communication seems to go fine. Unfortunately our entire code is written around the ringbuffer aspect of this library and the high data throughput is not feasible without it. I’ve been digging through everything I can find for days now and cant seem to find a single reason this would work on the Electron and Argon but not on the Boron. If anyone has any idea could be causing this, I would greatly appreciate it, it has pretty much brought development to a standstill. I am very junior to much of the aspects involved here (multi-threading, etc) so even if you have an idea that may point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

I haven’t looked into the serialBuffer library but could it be that one of the issues mentioned here may be contributing to your problem?

When I tested these I did so on a Boron (assuming Argon and Xenon wouldn’t differ in that regard - but maybe they do).

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Thank you!! Reading through that thread (which also pointed me to this one ) seems to confirm this is where the issue lies. I may just punt on this project until a fix is released (considering I’m also blocked from rollout due to this issue ) and because it seems silly to spend time editing firmware to remedy such a bug when it should be fixed soon, although I will post updates here if I do mess around with it further! Now that I know where to look, I may test this on the argon and boron with debug messages and see if I can confirm that it is not an issue on the Argon. Again, thank you very much for the help, you’re really a lifesaver! I’m going to start checking here every day so I can stay informed of things like this!

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By the way, sorry for opening a second similar thread, I just felt like my previous question was too vague, and I also realized that I could isolate the issue to how serial comms were handled in firmware which I thought was relevant info. Again, thank you for the help!