Wifi reconnects after half an hour

Hi there,

I’m creating a NFC check-in system for a library. Visitors can use their library pass to check in and out. I’m having a 3D printed case with a Photon inside + a NFC reader (RC522)

The difficulty I’m having currently is that it sometimes disconnects from the wifi and it sometimes takes up to 60 sec to reconnect.

The leds are blinking green like when you turn it on. 60sec is a too big timeframe to be reliably of any use currently, I’m struggling to fix it but I dont know what to do. I’ve been looking around, and some threads people said I had to check the Wifi strength, update the firmware (I’m already running the latest version, 6.0) or buy a better power supply.

I was wondering what you guys are thinking. Thanks! Willing to post any pictures or source code, currently in the train so I can’t do it right now :slight_smile:

@peterwilli, are you using the Photon’s onboard antenna or an external one?

Having a good power supply is important regardless. What are you using?

I am using an power supply that I used to charge my android phone. But the cable is really long (Around 4 meters) I am using the internal antenna.

Here is a picture of how it all looks (open)
The white layer is between the photon and the NFC scanner to prevent noise between the 2, and is working well so far for the NFC reader. The Photon itself is now connected in my home office and I’ll just keep the console open to see how / if it stays on. So far it has disconnected one time.

Edit 2: The wifi strength reported (by RSSI) is: -75. Not sure if this is weak enough to cause such behaviour? If so, do you think I can improve that with an antenna?

Btw, is it so that the new firmware stores multiple wifi credentials? I just moved it home while still holding the library’s credentials, and it immediatly connects to my wifi (although, I think, since the library is like a 2 hour drive away xD).

I would for sure add one of the Duck antennas. Your WiFi signal strength is low.

The RFID board is probably affecting the wifi signal.

Once you add the antenna be sure to change your code to use the external antenna since it does not automatically switch to it by default.

Arlight thanks, I’ll try look it up on a local shop in the Netherlands, so I can take it to work tomorrow. (To make this work is probably the best christmas gift ever, this is my first hardware project and I am getting one more the next year, so it’s good to have some references :))

Thanks so far for a really helpful community and a nice piece of hardware (despite this disconnections it’s a great board to work with)!