Received Photon but Problems with Auto Wifi Reconnect

Hey everybody!

I received a new Photon today and was excited to check it out.

I got the WiFi credentials setup and the tinker app working just fine.

My phone is my WiFi hotspot for all the families internet needs. My phone goes with me so the hotspot is always coming and going as I come and go from the house daily.

I have about 5 of the old Core’s and the problem I had with them from day 1 is that they would almost never stay connected to the wifi connection for more than day at the most usually and they would not automatically reconnect which was the big problem since a fix required a manual reset. I know this was a big problem for many people in the past with the CC3000 platform and that is why I was excited to get the Photon to see that problem be a thing of the past.

So to test the Photon out I plugged it into the wall via a USB charging port to see if it would automatically reconnect to my Wifi hotspot when I got back home about 2 hours later.

2 hours later I come home and the Phonton does not automatically reconnect, all I get is the flashing Cyan like the Cores used to do.

Is the latest firmware being applied to the Photon when I load the Tinker app?

I have no tried any other code than the basic Tinker app.

Any suggestions? Anybody else having the same issue with the Photon not automatically reconnecting after it looses its WiFi connection?

The Photon looks pretty cool and I’m loving the castellated edges.

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I installed the simple LED Blink library from the online programming interface.

I let the Photon run for about 10 hours.

Then I left and took the WiFi network with me so the Photon was without a WiFi connection.

I came home 4 hours later and turned on my phones WiFi Hotspot.

I’m happy to announce that Photon instantly and automatically reconnected to the WiFi as it should.

So maybe the issue before was because I was running the Tinker App code and then lost a connection.

I’ll keep testing but this is good news to me.

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Hi @RWB,

Glad to hear it’s hopefully working as expected! The photon also has an auto-exponential backoff when it hits connection problems, so it might take a few minutes before it attempts a reconnect if the outage has lasted a while.


Yea its working like a champ now.

It’s been running for days with zero issues auto reconnecting to the web.

I’m very happy with the reliabiltiy of the Photon so far.

Keep up the good work guys.