Wifi Power outlet

This is V2 of my pet project that previously ran using Arduino Uno.

The objectives are pretty straightforward:

  1. Control power on/off wirelessly

  2. User access control via RFID reader for safety reasons. Eg. Powering up a CNC machine

  3. Time-based scheduling to reduce power wastage for machines idling

  4. Power monitoring + logging


Version 2 — Spark powered!

Version 1 — Arduino Uno


It sure looks a little bulky but with self-designed PCB and removing the use of headers, this can probably fit well inside a standard power outlet used in Singapore!

If anyone interested in an open-source power outlet in general? :smiley:

Do throw in some cool ideas you think might be awesome for this project!


I certainly might have an interest.

Best wishes.

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+1 Very interested

im interested!

Very cool project, Kenneth!

I think your key feature might be the RFID safety lockout feature for industrial use. Perhaps you could use a mobile app to allow everyone who has an RFID “lockout” on the outlet to view who else has a lockout and the status of their work? That would be great for applications where there are multiple electricians to engineers working together repairing various parts of a machine or factory line.

One question. What power supply are you using to power the control board? I need a small supply as well for a project I’m working on.

Thanks and best regards,

Ohhh i like that idea. Digital lockout system. :smiley:
It’s really to keep the students here safe and that’s a sweet input.

I haven’t managed to design my own AC --> DC module and is using one i bought from Ebay for quick demo purposes.

It’s too cheap that you would just want to buy it for demo purposes. :wink:

But for an actual product, you need to build em for safety reasons.


Thanks for the info! Yeah the supply is a challenge as I will need to design one based on my packaging and wattage requirements. But yours looks pretty good for prototyping use as you mentioned.

If you make any progress on miniaturizing your own design and want to open source it, please let m know. I need a ~7 watts at 5VDC from 120VAC in the smallest package safely possible.


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Maybe a bit late but I found this AC/DC solution. TMLM 04103 It gives 1.2 amps at 3.3v.

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