WiFi Direct with Photon


@mdma so, the SoftAP HTTP pages is not really what you were describing in May of last year, right?



softap≠WIFI Direct
They are very different.


@mdma thank you for all your help regarding this issue!
Currently i’m working on a project were i need to photons to talk to each other using wifi direct, just that, no connection to the internet nor to any other access point. Is there any example of this being done? How has been the progress in the implementation of WIFI Direct as it is described in this threat?

Thank you!


Was this actually implemented in 0.5.0 as stated above? If not, I’d like to upvote this as a higher priority for the particle team. It would be great to have a direct wifi ap.


Any word on an ETA for this? It sounds like this would fit my project perfectly. Looking to connect two or three Photons wirelessly in a client/server mode outside of any wifi hotspots/networks.


Hi, any news about this feature? It would be great for my project.

Can Photon be an access point?

WiFi Direct is tentatively slated for the 0.8.0 release, in about 12 weeks.


It’s a pity that this feature is postponed for a long time. First it was to be included in 0.5.0 then in 0.6.0, then it was shifted to 0.7.0 and now it’s already in milestone 0.8.0 (and I don’t know what will happen after that…).

I’m in doubt if I’m going to use the SoftAP or to wait on this feature. Can you shine a light on the plans?


Agree with you @kasper, I really need this working.
On the other hand, just by following this community it seems as the guys work really hard, so if they are postponing this feature again it might be because there are many other things happening on the side.
Just hope that “tentatively” becomes a certainty soon.


I agree that Particle makes a lot of overall progress, so big thumbs up for that.


Any progress on this? Has anyone tried to hack it together? Really interested in getting this to work


Hey @rac146 – it’s definitely on our radar and we’ve done some exploratory work, but it hasn’t made it to the top of the pile yet. If you’re interested in continuing the project, let me know and I can introduce you to the right individual on the team!


Hi, any news about this?


Kindly confirm WiFi Direct is implemented ?


@wasim, it is not implemented.


It is possible to mention the date (month or year) when it will be implemented ?


I wants to communicate 3 photon base robots to each other using WiFi Direct, it’s possible WiFi direct will implemented in Dec? I know there is no schedule date for it, but any idea ? Or can i use SoftAP in my case? does its required Wifi router/Cloud between two photon?


If you can connect over the internet, or router, you could use that as well. Then you could use existing protocols to communicate between devices. Alternatively, a cheap 433Hz, or a 2.4GHz tranceiver could do the job locally as well.


Thanks @Moors7.

But in my use case robots can transfer collective sensing data( temp, light etc…) to the cloud on specific time too.
Kindly guide me does AP mode work in my case ?
Or if not so its possible to work on Firmware for WiFi Direct?


WiFi Direct doesn’t support the cloud, since you won’t connect with WiFi because the Photon becomes the “hotspot”.

Here a tutorial I made about local communication:

However in your case I would advice UDP for local communication (you won’t need a webserver I think) to robots. Of course you can use the cloud as well then.