WiFi credential erase support via WiFiSetupConsole

With my current workflow I would love to be able to perform a set of tests connected to a particular WiFi network and erase those credentials programmatically after that tests have been passed. I have found no support for this so I decided to work on this on my own.

I have opened a couple of issues in github:

Github seems to get little to no atention so I decided to come to the forums for input.

In order to support this functionality from what I understand, two things are needed:

  1. Add support for this on the firmware side.
  2. Add support for this in particle cli tools.

I have opened a PR solving part 1:

This PR seems to have been ignored and I would like to know what can I do in order to get more visibility and in order to simplify the review process. Can anybody give me some hints on what to improve my code?