WiFi credential erase support via WiFiSetupConsole

With my current workflow I would love to be able to perform a set of tests connected to a particular WiFi network and erase those credentials programmatically after that tests have been passed. I have found no support for this so I decided to work on this on my own.

I have opened a couple of issues in github:

Github seems to get little to no atention so I decided to come to the forums for input.

In order to support this functionality from what I understand, two things are needed:

  1. Add support for this on the firmware side.
  2. Add support for this in particle cli tools.

I have opened a PR solving part 1:

This PR seems to have been ignored and I would like to know what can I do in order to get more visibility and in order to simplify the review process. Can anybody give me some hints on what to improve my code?


Hi antoniovazquezblanco

Generally speaking, we prefer to field feature requests through support.particle.io instead of directly through GitHub.

Would you like to open a support ticket to help you better?

I have just opened a ticket following your advice.

Thank you.

@antoniovazquezblanco have you tried WiFi.clearCredentials()?

Thanks @UMD !

I am aware of the existence of that function. One option would be to embed a call to that function inside my application and have it called via the platform but seems a bit slow and error prone when compared with adding support for doing this viea CLI tools given that for my tests that is already needed.

Also, to me, this looks like something other users may enjoy and that is the reason to create the PR. The work has been done, what I am trying to achieve is a review of what I have coded! :slight_smile:

HI @antoniovazquezblanco ,

We checked and identified that for
[system] Add support for wifi credential erasing in WiFiSetupConsole by antoniovazquezblanco · Pull Request #2242 · particle-iot/device-os · GitHub

there might be error with the branch being pushed. We will check and update you.

Oh, I see someone force pushed into develop. Updated my branch. Ready again for review!


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