WiFi connecting module for asset tracking

I want to build an asset tracker system leveraging our existing WiFi access points. Can I just buy a P0 and have it just connect to a WiFi? I don’t need any additional software program to run on the board.

My idea is to use “Big Data Processing” tools to look for the connection from that MAC id and figure out where the asset could be. Sort of like “join” the WiFi access point records with Mac address of P0 in the WiFi access point logs.

Is this possible with P0?

The PO is not a complete “functional” MCU in and of itself. It is just the WiFi and MCU chip. These chips need all of the supporting components in order to be powered up and functional. The Photon is one such thing. However, it will need to be powered via a USB cable or battery (if battery, then it will need to be re-charged).

You’ll have to configure each Photon for the WiFi router it needs to connect to as well.

You’re probably looking for something like Tile if you’re not interested in programming the Photon.

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Thank you for the clarification. The $10 price point attracted me and I had assumed P0 was a simple “programmable” WiFi connected IOT without the need for any additional supporting hardware.

As you rightly said, Tile or similar IOT devices fit the bill for my purpose better.