Feasibility -6 peripheral sensors/devices


I am trying to build a prototype with the following devices connected to MCU. Currently working with Arduino Due, but evaluating photon for from factor. Eventually PCB with P0. Listing the devices below with pin requirements, excluding the 2 mandatory power lines. Requesting photon experts to let me know if it is feasible on Photon.

  1. GPS with Uart (2 pins)(RX/TX)
  2. LoRaWan module (3pins) (software serial + interrupt line)
  3. Accelerometer (4pins) (I2C + 2 interrupts)
  4. Battery power measurement(1 pin connected with voltage divider)
  5. SD card through SPI (4 pins)
  6. Device status slide switch (1pin)

I tried looking for P0 pinout diagram to decide this. Couldn’t find it. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Since the Photon is using the P0 module all the pins available on the Photon will be there for you on the P0 too (18 GPIOs - not counting the three used for the RGB LED which you could also use as second HW UART Serial2)
With the P1 you even have accsess to some extra.

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Thanks for the quick response. So the verdict is that it is easily possible. Easy meaning how we configure the pins in software.