WiFi API Documentation

Hi, just getting started with the Photon, impressed with the quality of the hardware and the size, can’t wait to get my project running. I am looking for documentation on the low level API between the BCM43362 and the STM32. I am porting an existing project which uses an old Roving Networks WiFi module over to the Photon and I only want to rewrite the WiFi drivers. I have downloaded the WiCed SDK from Broadcom but have not gone through it. My question is, does the Photon use this WiCed SDK? Also, I have been looking for a schematic for the connection between the BCM43362 and the STM32, found the Photon schematics but not what is under the can, where can I find that schematic?

I hope you don’t need to dig quite that deep. The WICED SDK provides the WiFi drivers, but only as a binary image which is uploaded to the BCM43362 on startup, so unless you know the internals of the BCM43362 I’m not sure how much you’ll be able to reprogram it.

How low-level is the WiFi functionality that you’re looking to implement? Is the functionality provided by any of our current WiFi APIs, either at the WICED level, system firmware level (in the HAL) or at the Wiring level.

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Thank you for the reply. I do not want to change the code in the BCM, what I really want to do is to use the WICED API & Free RTOS directly on this platform without utilizing the abstractions that seem to be in the Particle implementation. I have to confess that I have not even powered my module up yet, I have been occupied with other tasks, but I have purchased the JTAG interface board and am planning on digging into this. Additionally, I have not used WICED before and I would like to learn the command interface between the SMT and the BCM so I can pair down the API to just what I need.