Full Photon Schematics

I tried getting the schematics for the Photon and I can only find partial schematics where a single block diagram is shown to represent the STM32 and the Broadcom WIFI chip. As far as I know the whole design was open sourced but I cannot find the schematics showing the STM32F205 and its connection to the Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip. The link I am looking at is https://github.com/spark/photon/

Can somebody please point me to the right direction? What I want to do is take the Photon hardware I bought from Particle and run my own bootloader and my own RTOS on it and also get WIFI working. I already have a JTAG and a JTAG shield. I am doing this for educational purposes.

The STM32 and Broadcom chips are integrated into a single module, the WM-N-BM-09 from USI (Also effectively rebranded as the P0 Module) I’m guessing the license doesn’t allow for the reproduction of the USI datasheet, but here’s one revision of it on a different github page.