Photon + wiced SDK

Hi Team,

I am using a photon connected to your programmer shield.
I got them recognised as BCM943362WCD4 board.

I run the wiced sdk example and I dont have access to the wifi.

Here are the results with the snip.scan example from broadcom:
Starting WICED v3.5.2
Platform BCM943362WCD4 initialised
Started ThreadX v5.6
Initialising NetX_Duo v5.7_sp2
Creating Packet pools
Waiting for scan results…

Type BSSID RSSI Rate Chan Security SSID

Would you have a profile or a patch to applied to the wiced sdk to get your board / programer shield recognised correctly ?

Thank you

Found what I was looking for in the doc. thanks :smile:

Hi All,
I wants to getting start on wiced SDK with Photon, kindly guid me ?